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Our main priority is to ensure your session is blissful and relaxing. Seriously. We would hate to misrepresent the service and, as a result have you dissatisfied with the session! We wish only the best for you! By no means we want to just take your money and go. We really try for you to have a good time! We really try to give you your money's worth. Because making people happy is very rewarding :)

You should know that the session goes best when both parties are friendly and courteous with each other!

Please keep the following in mind:

Do not call last minute and demand a particular practitioner "in 10 minutes to your door". Most of the time short notice is OK but if you want a specific girl on short notice, she might not be around. Plan your evening for the most enjoyable session. We, girls at shanghai SECRET MASSAGE like to have some time to get ready too because we want to show up beautiful and immaculate, as true European women. We want to put some nice make up, do the hair, wear a nice outfit - it all takes a little time.
Most of us only sees a couple people a week so it's as special for us as it is for you :) We enjoy it as much as you when everything is perfect!

Take the time to have a hot relaxing shower before your session, the cleaner you get…the closer our young ladies get!

Please be respectful of the ladies boundaries, and remember that each masseuse will have her own limits. Our ladies all provide exceptional service, which includes front and back body sliding and an ending to be remembered!

Be friendly with the young lady, offer a glass of water if she comes to visit you - it's super simple stuff. If you are nice it's easy to be nice back to you, which makes the session is fun and relaxing! Reciprocity is the key to any relationship!

Have the donation ready: your masseuse should not have to remind about it :)

Remember that if you want to judge someone - start with yourself. Then you won't have time for judging anybody else ;)

If you want to be 100% comfortable with the setting you should definitely invite the masseuse to visit you. If you insist on incall, please do not complain about things like a walk-up, for example. We usually do only outcal and it's rather a favor to you that you can go there. Some of the girls live in old shanghai buildings and we hope you understand that it's not the type of a service for a space with storefront. Rest assured that our private facilities are meticulously cleaned, we have shower, squeaky clean fresh towels and hot towels.
We work only with the best products that are good for you and good for the Earth.

Do not try to make the girl to do extra services because "you will become a regular client". None of us is in need, it will not work and you will just be spoiling your own experience. If you want escorts you know where to find them. Most girls only provide massages, we do not offer anything beyond, please respect that.


Are your boobs real?

A short lesson on manners:

1st rule of a classy conversation: no discussing religion and no discussing health issues.
Would you ask that question from a woman in a bar? Why would you ask your masseuse about it? Anyhow, let's keep stories about our dentists, cosmetic surgeries, hip replacements - for another day! :) There is a lot of fun neutral things to chat about!

Why are you doing this

If you want to judge someone, please start with yourself :) But I will answer that: some girls pay through their own college, some help their parents and one of the girls has a baby. All of us are "normal" and good people, with good attitude.

How many clients you have a day?

Do not ask this :) Girls are really doing their best for you to a good time. This question doesn't contribute to a romantic atmosphere in any way and is not polite.

Sexy massage provides all the benefits of regular massage, but unlike most forms of hands-on manipulation it is a tantalizingly sensual experience. The Top Secret shanghaik sexy massage utilizes a variety of strokes to amplify your sensations. We utilize a combination of feather-light touch, long flowing strokes, firm-handed pressure, relaxing tender caresses, and body slides.

Our super sexy shanghai massages are holistic and nourishing, loving and empowering for both you and the Masseuse. As the recipient you are able to enjoy a feeling of absolute freedom and intense relaxation and as the flow of energy becomes a cycle, passing between you and building up to a reciprocal exchange of tantalizing pleasure. The ecstasy is mutual. You will experience a deep sense of intimacy and connection with your Masseuse which is infrequently achieved through sex.

Don't let daily life leave you desensitized and full of angst. Set aside time for those sensual essentials. Book one of our delightful Top Secret sexy massages in shanghaik to feel revived and alive again! Awaken your sensual energy with the sexiest massage on Earth!

Our Shanghai Outcall Masseuses Provides These Types of Massage

  • Shanghai Sensual Massage Rates
  • Outcall
  • Incall
  • 1 Hour Shanghai Therapeutic Sensual Massage
  • 2 Hours Shanghai Date with Therapeutic Sensual Massage
  • 3 Hours Shanghai Date with Therapeutic Sensual Massage
  • N/A
  • Overnight Date
  • N/A
  • All Day Date
  • N/A
  • Shanghai Massage with Body Slide
  • Outcall
  • Incall
  • 1 Hour Massage with Shanghai Body to Body Slide
  • 2 Hours Date Massage with Shanghai Body to Body Slide


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Mobile Massage Therapy in shanghai also referred to as Outcall Massage means the masseuse visiting the your home or hotel to provide the desired massage treatment. It is ideal for those hard working clients who have had a long day and wish to simply relax in their surroundings.

Top Shanghai Secret Massage provides the most soothing sensual or tantalizing body-to-body outcall massage Shanghai has to offer! We have the most beautiful and highly trained massage practitioners in shanghai. Rest assured our visiting massage therapists arrive at your desired puxi location dressed conservatively and immaculately.

Understated elegance is key.